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No Hidden Charges

Enjoy our competitive fee and rates when you send funds overseas.

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Deposit your money through one of our bank accounts, and your money will be delivered in less than 48 hours.

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More than 10 years in the remittance industry and member of IAMTN, AIBC, IABC, APPUI, and ARCPA

Better Exchange Rate

Track our exchange rate through our website, facebook page, or twitter.


Trusted by thousands of students, parents of students, businesses, and importers to handle their payment or money transfer needs

How To Send

Sending money to your loved one overseas should be simple and hassle free, and more importantly you should always know where your funds are
Transfering money using Kangaroo Service is easy following there 4 steps

Find out today's exchange rate through many of our communication channels including this website, telephone, sms, whatsapp or email

Transfer the funds in local currency to one of our local bank account in your country through either internet banking or mobile banking

Confirm your transactions and where the fund is to be forwarded through phone, sms, whatsapp or email

We will notify you once the fund has been successfully processed by the destination country's bank


In our 10 years of operation, we are proud to have work with various organisations and institutions in handling their money transfer needs

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