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Welcome to Kangaroo Services

Kangaroo Service is "Online Money Transfer Services" which give you the convenience service without any complication to send money to Indonesia and Australia with competitive fee & exchange rates.


Our service uses "ONLINE BANKING SYSTEM", which can be accepted directly into beneficiary bank accounts in Indonesia and in Australia.

How to Send * Valid only for registered customer



1. Find out Today’s Exchange Rate
2. Deposit the Fund + Fee into one of our Bank Accounts
3. Contact us to tell us where the fund is going to be transferred to
4. Deposit Receipt


"for Unregistered Customer / if you havent registered with us" please kindly click here, More details




*Terms and Conditions Apply.


Charity Specials

We will waive the transfer fee for any transfer orders for charity purposes*

more details


Student Specials

Did you know that will waive the transfer fee by $10 for every third transfer order students make?


Email Address

At Kangaroo Service, we will always try to deposit all cleared and confirmed orders on the same day.


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Dear Customers,

Jakarta State Election
Wednesday 19/04/2017,
Kangaroo Service is Closed, and Reopen as usual on Thursday, 20/04/2017.

Isra' Mi'raj, Monday 24/04/2017,
ANZAC Day, Tuesday 25/04/2017,
Kangaroo Service is Closed, and Reopen as usual on Wednesday, 26/04/2017.


There is amount limitation to transfer money from Australia into Indonesia with maximum amount from Australia is $1000.

Thank you
Kangaroo Service


Exchange Rate
Indonesia to Australia
1 AUD$ = Rp
Australia to Indonesia
1 AUD$ = Rp
(valid from 10am to 4pm AEST)
*Exchange Rate may change without prior notice
Send From:
Indonesia to Australia
Australia to Indonesia
Send Amount
Received Amount

Send Amount:
Transfer Fee:
Total Amount:
Received Amount:
Exchange Rate of :
1 AU$ = IDR
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