Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send money to Indonesia with Kangaroo Service?

1. Register your details with Kangaroo Service (see next question for details).

2. Transfer the funds, including the fee, to the Kangaroo Service Bank Account via Internet banking.

Remember to put your name in the reference field. Use your mobile number if you can’t use your name.

3. Email or SMS the details of your transfer. Be sure to include:

- Amount transferred
- Which bank you transferred your funds from
- Name of your beneficiar
- Purpose of transfer
- Beneficiary Identification Number & Expiry Date

Confirmation of your transaction will be sent via SMS or email before 4pm

Note: Receipt from our Indonesian counterpart will be available the next day, upon request.


How do I register to transfer money to Indonesia?

1. Download our Registration Form from our website, or alternatively you can email your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Fill out and sign the Registration Form

3. Post the form to us with your Certified Photo ID (Passport or Driver’s Licence) to:

4 Convent Court, Coburg Nort, VIC 3058

Please ensure that your Photo ID has been certified as a true copy by an eligible person before posting it to us.


Why do I have to register before transferring money?

As an Austrac Registered Money Transfer Provider, Kangaroo Service is committed to preventing, detecting and not knowingly facilitating money laundering and terrorism financing. Kangaroo Service does this to protect its reputation, comply with relevant laws and be a good corporate citizen. Kangaroo Service is required by law to identify our customers before providing money transfers and report all transactions to Austrac. We may request more information from our customers at other times to comply with our requirements under Austrac.


How will my privacy be protected?

As an AUSTRAC reporting entity, Kangaroo Service is bound by the Privacy Act 1988, which controls the security of your personal information. Please visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner for more information.

To ensure the security of your personal information, please do not send us your personal information by email. Please send your information via the postal service.


Where do I transfer the funds to?



Acc No.

Account Name
Auswide Bank 645-646 106404423
Kangaroo Service Pty Ltd


Your funds must be transferred from the same account that you have registered with us in order for us to process your transfer.

Remember to put your name in the reference field. Use your mobile number if you can’t use your name. This will allow us to quickly identify your funds and to avoid any unnecessary delay with your confirmation.


Can I transfer funds any other way?

All money transfers must be done via Internet banking from your own account.


How long will it take for you to receive my funds and process my transfer?

For us to receive your funds and process your transfer the same day, your Internet transfer needs to be completed from
a Auswide Bank account.

When transferring from another bank:
- If you transfer before 2pm, your funds should be received the same day
- If you transfer after 2pm, your funds should be received on the next business day

Kangaroo Service can only process your money transfer after your funds are cleared into our account.

Remember to put your name as reference so we can quickly identify your funds and avoid any unnecessary delay with your confirmation.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can transfer?

Effective from the 1st of June 2015, customers can only transfer a maximum of AUD $1,000 per day, as we may need additional information before processing your funds.


What are the charges for transfering funds?

We charge a fee per beneficiary. To calculate your fee, use the table below:


Transfer Amount
Up to $1,000 AUD*
$10 AUD

*Sometimes we raise our limit transfer amount, it can be seen in our website. When we do, we will update in our website in announcement section, otherwise you can contact our customer service before do transaction.


Are there any other charges?

There are no other charges. The amount will be received in full by your beneficiary in Indonesia.


What exchange rate will apply?

    1. Check our rate online or SMS RATE to 61 402 521 376 or 61 425 813 751 before you transfer your funds to us
    2. Notify us of your transaction via email or SMS as soon as you have transferred your funds.
    3. The currency rate at the time you confirm your transfer will apply.

    If the currency exchange rate changes after I transfer the funds, which currency rate will apply?

    if we receive your confirmation within 10 minutes of the currency rate changing, we will apply the higher rate. If we receive your confirmation later than that, the updated rate will apply to your transaction.


    When will my beneficiary receive the funds?

    Generally the beneficiary received the funds in same day for sending money from Australia into Indonesia, but in some cases it will takes less than 48 hours.


    What if the funds are not received on the same day?

    If you have transferred your funds and you confirm your transaction before our daily cut-off time of 4pm, this rarely happens.
    However, we can not predict problems that may be caused by a third party
    Please Contact Us if you require more information on Money Transfer via Kangaroo Service.

    Thank You !
    KangarooService Team



    Dear Customers,

    Day of Silence,
    Tuesday 28/03/2017, Kangaroo Service is Closed. And Reopen as usual on Wednesday, 29/03/2017.

    There is amount limitation to transfer money from Australia into Indonesia with maximum amount from Australia is $1000.

    Thank you
    Kangaroo Service


    Exchange Rate
    Indonesia to Australia
    1 AUD$ = Rp
    Australia to Indonesia
    1 AUD$ = Rp
    (valid from 10am to 4pm AEST)
    *Exchange Rate may change without prior notice
    Send From:
    Indonesia to Australia
    Australia to Indonesia
    Send Amount
    Received Amount

    Send Amount:
    Transfer Fee:
    Total Amount:
    Received Amount:
    Exchange Rate of :
    1 AU$ = IDR
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